Business Continuity Tip of the Month

Touchy feely

A previous tip discussed some of the people issues associated with business continuity management and suggested that people deserve more consideration than they often get. It challenged the common assumption that people will be willing and able to do whatever we ask them to, whenever and wherever we want them to, no matter what’s happening around them.

Some of us understand that people aren’t the same as other assets; that they’re complex and sensitive creatures, not machines; that they often need a bit of looking after if we’re to get the best out of them and prevent them from breaking down; and that they might just have other priorities, commitments and worries outside of work.

Others will no doubt think this is all a bit “touchy feely” and unnecessary; that people should just pull themselves together, get on with it and do as they’re told. And we’re all entitled to our opinions  – no matter how misguided or mistaken they might be.

Whichever camp you’re in, one thing’s for sure – if you want to be confident that your strategies and plans will, in fact, work when you need them to, you can’t just ignore the people issues and continue with those flawed assumptions.

The fact is that people will be much more likely and much more able to support the organisation’s recovery efforts if their other issues and concerns are eased.

So even if it’s not in your nature, a bit of “touchy feely” consideration of your people’s needs and worries and personal circumstances actually makes good business sense – even if your motive is simply to get your “assets” (or, as some of us prefer to call them, people) up and running and working effectively again as soon as possible.