“Don’t panic”

Douglas Adams

(The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy)

Emergency Response and Crisis/Incident Management Planning

A clear and focused management structure is vital to the effectiveness of emergency response and crisis/incident management. The structure needed in the event of an emergency, major disruptive incident or crisis is, therefore, likely to differ from that which applies to normal day-to-day business-as-usual operations.

In the event of a crisis or major incident, decisions will typically have to be made quickly under unfamiliar and extremely stressful conditions. It is essential, therefore, that there is a Crisis or Incident Management Team framework in place that can manage the response and recovery processes effectively.

Crucially, the personnel nominated to make up these teams must be fully aware of the structure that will apply in an emergency and of their own roles and responsibilities within that structure.

Education, training and exercising are, therefore, important elements of the construction of the teams and the development of their crisis/incident management capability.

Crisis Management : “The art of avoiding trouble when you can, and reacting appropriately when you can’t”

Jonathan Bernstein
(Manager’s Guide to Crisis Management)

Can We Help?

Acumen’s experienced consultants can provide advice and guidance with the formation of the Emergency/Crisis/Incident Management Teams, address the training needs of the various team members and assist with the production, maintenance and exercising of the associated plans.

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What Our Clients Say

During three years working with Acumen, we completed the programme in fifteen major offices worldwide. Thanks to Acumen and their professional approach to BCM and crisis management, our organisation is now in a strong position to face unpredictable events.

Group Business Continuity Manager
Multinational group of fintech businesses