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Dependency Modelling

Dependency modelling is an extremely useful technique. As the name suggests, it’s a way of mapping dependencies, showing where failure in one area can impact upon others. Its strengths are in its simplicity and its versatility. It can be used to highlight the dependencies in a whole host of situations, for instance within systems, processes or environments, between pieces of equipment, facilities or other assets. It can be used to show the dependencies associated with meeting a particular objective or even to map the dependencies across the business as a whole.

One advantage of a dependency model is that it defines what is to be achieved, what needs to be in place or done in order to achieve it and what those things depend upon. Doing this helps us to prioritise and to focus on particular areas of concern.

Dependency modelling helps us to :

  • Put the identified risks into an operational context;
  • Capture all the risks in a particular activity, system, process or project;
  • Show which risks have the potential to cause the most problems;
  • Justify the recommended countermeasures or courses of action;
  • Show which countermeasures are likely to be the most effective;
  • Encourage further investigation of sensitive areas.

Dependency modelling can be used as part of the risk management process, either before, after, or even during the risk assessment workshop.

Mapping the dependencies within a particular system or process before conducting the risk assessment can help to focus the minds of participants on the key areas of risk. Alternatively, creating a dependency model for the key risks identified by the risk assessment can help ensure that you don’t overlook something important when determining the countermeasures to be implemented. Either way, dependency modelling can be a great help in ensuring that our risk management efforts are targeted effectively.

Dependency modelling shifts the focus from thinking of all the bad things that might happen to considering what needs to go right and what we depend upon for that to happen.

An altogether more positive approach to risk management!

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