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Mobile App-based Plans

One of the issues with ‘traditional’ word processor-based plans is their availability when they’re needed ‘in anger’.

In the past (and, for some, the present), those with paper plans were often expected to keep a copy in the office and one at home. However, the offsite copy was seldom available when the owner wasn’t actually at home as, in reality, most of us don’t take a ring-binder with us when we go to the supermarket or the gym or wherever else we may go in our leisure time.

Some organisations have overcome this issue by storing their plans ‘in the cloud’. But this, too, has its drawbacks. If there’s a problem accessing the internet, either because there’s a problem with it or simply due to a poor or non-existent Wi-Fi or mobile signal, the plans are equally unavailable.

Another approach is to save the plan as a PDF on the users’ smart phones. But reading a detailed, multi-page document on a small screen is far from ideal.

A far better solution is a mobile app-based plan.

Acumen provides mobile app-based plans utilising the mobile features of industry-leading business continuity planning software.

The app is the ‘front end’ component of a managed service, whereby we configure it with your teams, contact details, checklists, attached documents, maps, etc and update it for you at an agreed frequency (e.g. quarterly or 6-monthly). This means that you don’t need to get to grips with the back-end application and your administrative overhead is minimised. All you have to do is send us your team members, contact details, checklists, etc in line with the agreed update schedule and we do the rest.

The plan sits on the device, as well as in the cloud, so if there’s no internet connection, the plan is still accessible.

“If your plans don’t include mobile, your plans are not finished”

Wendy Clark

Can We Help?

To find out more, including a demonstration of a mobile app-based plan, call us on +44 (0)1386 834455 or email us at info@acumen-bcp.co.uk

What Our Clients Say

We have worked with Steve from the Acumen team for the last few years. He has helped Chelsfield implement business continuity plans for our offices across the globe. We thank Steve for the fantastic service provided and look forward to working with the Acumen team in the future.

Neville Marshall
Group Financial Strategist, Director – Asia