“The only thing that is constant is change”


Review and Maintenance

Maintenance is an essential part of the long term business continuity management lifecycle. A continuous improvement programme is a methodology that aims to ensure a company’s business continuity planning programme is appropriately maintained. It typically consists of the following elements :

  • A strategic review, to ensure the programme continues to meet its strategic objectives;
  • A periodic review of the business continuity management programme. This may take the form of an internal or external ‘health check‘ or audit of the business continuity management system or specific elements of the programme;
  • Regular reviews of incident management, infrastructure recovery and business recovery plans to ensure their contents remain accurate and up to date;
  • Periodic reviews of the strategies and solutions that underpin the plans, to ensure they remain robust and fit for purpose;
  • A programme of exercising and testing.

You should establish a review and maintenance programme incorporating the above elements at appropriate frequencies to ensure that :

  • Your plans are, and remain, current;
  • Organisational, technology, supply chain or regulatory changes do not invalidate your plans;
  • Any changes in business priorities are incorporated in your strategies, solutions and plans;
  • The planning process remains robust and effective.

The process should form part of your change control procedures and should tie in with other change control mechanisms within your organisation.

A plan that’s out of date, untested or based on invalid or unproven assumptions isn’t really a plan at all!

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