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Health Check Review

For clients with existing business continuity strategies and plans, it can be extremely beneficial to obtain a fresh, independent perspective from an external expert.

Often, the responsibility for plan development is given to someone who does not have in-depth experience of business continuity management. An assessment of the plans and the underpinning strategies and solutions will confirm whether all key considerations have been addressed.

A plan ‘health check’ and capability review, carried out by experienced Acumen consultants, enables you to have confidence in the viability of your plans and will highlight any areas for improvement. It will clarify whether your strategies, solutions and plans meet, or how they fall short of, business requirements and industry best practice.

The study, which is tailored to the specific requirements of the client, includes interviews with key personnel and analysis of the business continuity plans and associated documents. It will typically include a review of :

  • The business continuity policy and strategy;
  • Underlying recovery solutions;
  • Your ability to meet the stated recovery time and recovery point objectives;
  • The crisis/incident management framework;
  • The business continuity plan structure, format and content;
  • Staff awareness and training;
  • Change management and plan updates.

On completion of the review a report is produced, which includes observations and recommendations.

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It’s likely that you’ve invested a significant amount of time and money in the development of your strategies, solutions and plans.

The health check and capability review can give you confidence that your investment has been worthwhile and highlight gaps in capability that either weren’t apparent or haven’t yet been addressed.

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What Our Clients Say

We used Acumen’s expertise when reviewing our business continuity plans. They delivered an informative briefing session as well as a practical desktop exercise which was really beneficial in highlighting gaps in the plan and identifying key areas for improvement.

Tolu Omoyele
Assistant Company Secretary