“The key to an effective response to a major or catastrophic incident is communication”

London Assembly Report
of the 7 July Review Committee

Crisis Communications Preparedness

Effective communication with key stakeholders is a crucial element of effective crisis or incident management, which requires careful planning and particular skills.

Successful management of a crisis is not only about taking the appropriate actions to remedy the situation, it is also about being seen to be taking them and being heard to say the right things. In other words, your stakeholders’ perception of your crisis management capability is their reality. And the best business or technical recovery plans in the world may come to nothing if that perception is not managed effectively. Unfortunately, history is littered with the casualties of poor crisis communications.

A robust crisis communications plan, including a crisis media communications capability, is therefore a key part of your crisis management preparedness. And it is essential that your nominated spokespeople are sufficiently trained and practised in the role. But it is also important that your planning efforts are not restricted to your senior spokespeople, as experience has shown that managers and front-line personnel ‘on the ground’ are likely to be the first target for the media.

Acumen’s specialist communications consultants, who are former or practising journalists and therefore have first-hand experience of how the media operates, can offer expert advice, guidance and training on all aspects of crisis communications.

This includes :

  • Basic media awareness training for those who may come into contact with the media or be tasked with assisting media communications planning;
  • Crisis media training, including mock interviews and news conferences;
  • One-to-one (or small group) training and mentoring for spokespeople;
  • Communications-focused crisis/incident management exercises.

“The vacuum caused by a failure to communicate is soon filled with rumour, misrepresentation, drivel and poison”

C. Northcote Parkinson

Can We Help?

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What Our Clients Say

It was super-useful. We had such a brilliant experience. Slightly terrifying but also very comprehensive – not like any other media training we’ve ever done before. A very realistic way of preparing us for what would actually happen. I feel much better equipped now.

Rachel Harrison
Assistant Director, Communications