Business Continuity Tip of the Month

Project yourself

Who’d be a business continuity manager?

You spend ages doing business impact and risk analyses, developing and implementing a strategy, and conducting awareness and training campaigns. Then the first new project comes along and no-one even considers business continuity requirements until the project has been signed off and is underway! Sound familiar?

To avoid this you need to make business continuity management part of the project management lifecycle for all projects. In particular, due consideration needs to be given to risk, continuity and recovery issues at project initiation.

Whether you’re moving to a new office, implementing a new IT system or changing a business process, the business continuity implications need to be considered up front, not as an afterthought.

It’s much easier (and often cheaper in the long run) to build the continuity solution in at the design stage than to try and retro-fit it later.

So why not start making your life easier and talk to your project management people today?