Business Continuity Tip of the Month

Who cares?

A previous tip (‘No news is bad news’) explored the wisdom of trying to avoid the media in a crisis and the (often spurious or misguided) reasons cited for doing so.

One common, if uninformed, reason given for not speaking to the media is that the media are malicious and have it in for us; they’re out to get us; they’re actively looking to catch us out.

But this isn’t actually true. The truth is, in fact, far more dangerous! The truth is that they don’t care.

What the media are really after is something interesting to report to their viewers, listeners or readers. And they really couldn’t care less whether it paints you in a good light or a bad one, just as long as it’s interesting.

The thing is, knowing this gives you a huge advantage. Because if you can give the media something positive, that paints you or your organisation in a good light as well as being interesting, then everyone’s a winner.

Give them what they want and they’ll be happy. Avoid them and they’ll just go somewhere else for their input, in which case they’re as likely to write a negative story as a positive one. In which case, they’ll still be happy. The chances are, though, that you won’t.

The media don’t care. The question is do you?



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