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‘The time has come’, the Walrus said, ‘to talk of many things: of shoes and ships and sealing-wax; of cabbages and kings…’
(Lewis Carroll)

…and, because it’s that time of year again, of the general nonsense that surrounds the Abersoch Open.

I can’t believe it’s a year since, well, last year, but all of a sudden it’s here again. Yes, Friday 23rd May sees the start of the 20th Abersoch Open. My golfing buddies and I are off to Wales (sadly not to Abersoch itself)  for what promises to be another epic encounter – or, at least, some “interesting” golf, some entertaining banter and the odd glass of something or other.

As regular readers will know, for the last few years during “Open season” I’ve taken a small detour from my usual blog to record our antics for posterity. There’s no pretence at any business continuity-related themes or any pretension of imparting my vast experience, encyclopaedic knowledge or profound wisdom. Far from it. The Abersoch blog is just a mish-mash of observations and commentary on the exploits of a bunch of ageing blokes who should know better (but, thankfully, don’t). And this year will be no different in that respect.

Where it will differ is that I plan to chronicle this year’s adventures by way of that well-known literary device, the tweet. “Why?” I hear you cry. Well, partly because it’s a bit different and variety is, after all, allegedly the spice of life; partly because the action will be recorded (almost) as it happens; and partly because it means I’ll be able to spend more time, particularly during the evenings, fully engaged in the proceedings, rather than with my head down writing about them.

So, if you have the slightest interest in our goings-on (and who could blame you if you don’t?), there are a couple of ways to read about them. If you’re a dedicated Twitterer and want to follow the action blow-by-blow (almost) as it happens then a) get a life! and b) follow @AbersochOpen (please note the correction – not @TheAbersoch as previously stated) and/or search for the hashtag #AbersochOpen. If, however, you’re happy to receive the information at a more leisurely pace, just have a look at this blog occasionally as I’ll be updating it with the various tweets at strategic intervals.

So here goes…



Well, that’s it for another year. I’m not sure whether this “blog of tweets” worked or not – perhaps you can tell me. Either way, if you stuck with it I hope it gave you the odd chuckle.

Normal service, Oz’s Blog-wise, will resume soon.


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