Business Continuity Tip of the Month

The missing link

It’s amazing how many people see business continuity management as something that’s on the fringes of normal business activity. It’s something that’s done by the business continuity manager or the IT department, not them, and it certainly isn’t part of their day-to-day business life.

Although most people understand what the word "business" means in the context of their own organisation, and most understand the meaning of the word "continuity", for some reason putting the two words together conjures up a vision of some sort of black art that they don’t understand or have any interest in.

But the clue’s in the name – business continuity, i.e. the continuity of their (and your) business. And until the link is made between business continuity management and what they do as part of their normal job the danger is that this attitude will persist and the business continuity efforts will be unsuccessful.

Easier said than done maybe, but for business continuity management to be really effective it needs to become ingrained as an element of normal business processes. Indeed, it needs to be part of the culture of your organisation. Which means it needs to start at the top.



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