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Risk Management Simplified – the movie

A while ago I wrote a blog called ‘ In the limelight ‘ about my experience of being filmed for the e-book version of ‘Risk Management Simplified’.

Having finally got over the cringe factor of watching myself on screen, I thought I’d share the results with my blog readers. So, in a slight diversion from my usual style of blog, and if you have the stomach for it, you get to see me in the flesh (as it were).

It seems that there’s a file size restriction on WordPress (which is what I use for my blog site) and because the video file is quite large I can’t embed it in this blog (if you know a way to do it please let me know) so here’s the link to the YouTube version.

Let me know what you think – unless of course you think it’s rubbish, in which case please keep your opinion to yourself!


Andy Osborne (known as Oz to friends and colleagues) is the Consultancy Director at Acumen, a consultancy practice specialising in business continuity and risk management.

Andy is the author of two books ‘Practical Business Continuity Management‘ and ‘Risk Management Simplified‘ as well as his popular blogs and ‘Tips of the Month’, all of which aim to demystify the subjects of business continuity and risk management and make them more accessible to people who live in the real world.

You can follow Andy on Twitter at @AndyatAcumen and link with him on LinkedIn at http://uk.linkedin.com/in/andyosborneatacumen






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