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Christmas competition (the questions)

It’s competition time!

The fabulous prizes this year are a Kindle Fire for the winner and one of my books each for two runners-up. Quite similar to last year, admittedly but, nevertheless, still fabulous!

As you may already know if you’ve read the prelude, the competition involves a) answering some relatively simple questions on the blogs I’ve posted this year and b) posting a comment on at least one of them. It doesn’t matter what order you do these in as long as you’ve done both by the closing date (Friday 11th January ).

I’ve posted fourteen blogs this year, not counting all that Abersoch Open nonsense, and there’s at least one question on each of them – sixteen questions in all. Oh yes, and there’s a tie-break question too. So technically there are seventeen in all and I apologise for mis-leading you. I’ve given a few hints here and there as to which blog some of the questions relate to – but not all, so you’re going to have to do a small amount of detective work.

Please e-mail your answers to me at blogcompetition@acumen-bcp.co.uk.  Those of you who answer all the questions correctly will be entered into the draw for the fabulous prizes.

So here are the questions, in no particular order :

1) How many litres of water did the water company deliver? (Hint : it was everywhere. Look carefully and give this one some thought)

2) What was the competition that my son competed in? And what was his “nom de guerre”? (Hint : He’s a goalkeeper)

3) Where have I never put my mobile ‘phone? (Hint : hindsight is a wonderful thing)

4) What kind of jacket isn’t required?

5) What did Ian mistake for mouthwash? (Hint : another ramble)

6) What’s the word count for “Short and sweet”?

7) What’s the name of my ski guide who absolutely, categorically didn’t give me any skiing lessons (Hint : It’s that time of year again)

8) Where, exactly, was I bitten? – warning, “Venice” isn’t precise enough!

9) What it “sgroppino”? – warning, whilst technically correct, “delicious” isn’t precise enough! (Hint : “sgroppino” is an italian word)

10) How many runs did I score on my birthday? (Hint : I was born in 1962)

11) What type of ducks did we used to have, before the “tragedy in the menagerie”?

12) How many hamstring strains had I clocked up by April? (Hint : not as fit as I was)

13) What do I consider to be a) the devil’s food and b) the devil’s footwear?

14) In the same blog, who was I grudgingly pleasant to on a chair lift on Chistmas day?

15) What words, spoken by anyone in the medical profession, make me nervous? (Hint: my latest “proper” blog, before all this competition malarky)

16) What does it say on my tea mug?

And, finally, the tie-break question…If I were to publish a book of my blogs, what do you think would be a good title for it?

Have fun. And, more importantly, thanks for reading, have a great Christmas and a healthy and prosperous new year.

All the best,


The small print* :

The closing date for receipt of entries is Friday 11th January 2013 (12 noon). The draw will take place on Monday 14th January 2013. Winners will be notified by e-mail on or before Wednesday 16th January 2013 and prizes will be sent by Friday 18th January 2013, assuming we have postal addresses by then. If no-one answers all of the questions correctly those answering the most questions correctly will be entered in the draw – however, there is a limit and if no-one answers at least twelve questions correctly I’m keeping the Kindle for myself! The Kindle in question is a Kindle Fire worth £129, unless Amazon decide to change the price without warning like they did a couple of weeks ago. We reserve the right to substitue a different model if this one becomes unavailable for whatever reason, as Amazon are clearly a law unto themselves. There will be no cash alternative, blah, blah, blah. The decision of the judges (me and Mrs Oz) is final. If I do publish a book of my blogs and I use your suggested title you will not receive a penny in royalties. Any disputes will be referred to the official  independent competition adjudicator (Barney Field-Spaniel) for a final decision, which will, as last year, be a complete waste of time. Because he’s a spaniel. A Field Spaniel. Not a Springer!

* The small print is also available in large print (for those of you who, like me, are ocularly challenged). It isn’t available in other languages because a) there’s a limit you know, b) you can use Google Translate just as easily as I can and c) if you’ve managed to understand all this nonsense you don’t need it translated!


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