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Oz’s Business Continuity Blog – Christmas competition answers

Happy new year!

The Christmas competition is now closed, the draw has taken place (ably assisted by Barney) and the winners have been notified. A shiny new Kindle is winging its way to Sarah in Nottingham and copies of my books are on their way to Richard in Rugby and Simon in Milton Keynes. Thanks to all of you who took part. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

Here are the answers to the questions…

1. What’s the name of my dog? And, seeing as that question is far too easy, a) what breed is he? and b) what breed isn’t he?     ANSWER : Barney, who is quite clearly a Field Spaniel, not a Springer Spaniel.   (See “A bit of a Barney” and “Not what it seems“)

2. Which important item did said dog eat?    ANSWER : He ate my spec’s.   (See “A spectacular disaster“)

3. What’s my favourite tipple?     ANSWER : I’m quite partial to the occasional gin and tonic.   (See “An icy crisis” and “Open all hours“)

4. Where did Mrs Oz and I go to the opera and which opera did we see?    ANSWER : We went to Verona to see Aida.   (See “A night at the opera“)

5. Which newspaper contains my favourite crossword?    ANSWER : The Telegraph.   (See “Practice makes perfect“)

6. Which sport do I play with my sons in the winter and how old was I when I started playing again?    ANSWER : I play hockey and I was  a youthful 46 when I started playing again.   (See “Fit for the job?“, “A team effort” and “Mid-life crisis management“)

7. Which toe did I break playing another sport?    ANSWER : (This was a bit of a tricky one) It was ‘the little piggy who had none’ (I have, however, accepted “the fourth one” as technically that’s also correct).   (See: “A toe-curling tale“)

8. What new ‘toy’ did I recently buy?     ANSWER : A chainsaw.   (See”Boys’ toys“)

9. What’s the name of the annual golf competition that I play in?     ANSWER : The now (almost) famous Abersoch Open.    (See “The Abersoch Open” and “Live from the Abersoch Open“)

10. Which Disney character made an appearance in one of my very first blogs – and what were the words on the poster? (Nor here!)    ANSWER : Winnie the Pooh, who said “Think before you act”. (See “Sound advice from Winnie the Pooh“)


Back to my ‘normal’ blogs now.

All the best for 2012, Oz


PS If you weren’t a regular reader of my blogs before this, I hope you enjoyed them enough to become one.

PPS Whether you’re a new or a long-standing reader a) please let me know you’re out there by posting the occasional comment, and b) if you find my blogs even vaguely interesting/entertaining/informative (delete as applicable) and know anyone else who might do too, I’d appreciate it hugely if you’d let them know. Ta 🙂


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