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Christmas competition – and the winner is…

A somewhat belated happy new year!

The Christmas competition draw has taken place (ably assisted once again by Barney the spaniel) and the winners have been notified. A shiny new Kindle Fire is currently winging its way to the winner, Ed in Manchester and copies of Practical Business Continuity Management are on their way to Helen, Lynne, Harriet and Paul in various far flung corners of the world.

Thanks to all of you who entered. I hope you enjoyed taking part as much as I enjoyed setting it.

Normal service, blog-wise, will be resumed shortly. In the meantime, here are the answers to the questions…

1) How many litres of water did the water company deliver? (Hint : it was everywhere. Look carefully and give this one some thought)    ANSWER : 156 (See “Water, water everywhere“)

2) What was the competition that my son competed in? And what was his “nom de guerre”? (Hint : He’s a goalkeeper)    ANSWER : The England Hockey Futures Cup; and Fred (See “’Keeping it together“)

3) Where have I never put my mobile ‘phone? (Hint : hindsight is a wonderful thing)    ANSWER : In the fridge (See “20/20 hindsight“)

4) What kind of jacket isn’t required?    ANSWER : A chainsaw jacket (See “No jacket required“)

5) What did Ian mistake for mouthwash? (Hint : another ramble)    ANSWER : Shampoo (See “The ramblings of a travelling consultant – episode 2“)

6) What’s the word count for “Short and sweet”?   ANSWER : 410 (See “Short and sweet“)

7) What’s the name of my ski guide who absolutely, categorically didn’t give me any skiing lessons (Hint : It’s that time of year again)    ANSWER : Carole (See “A white Christmas“)

8) Where, exactly, was I bitten? – warning, “Venice” isn’t precise enough!    ANSWER : In the Canareggio region (See “(Bitten to) death in Venice“)

9) What it “sgroppino”? – warning, whilst technically correct, “delicious” isn’t precise enough! (Hint : “sgroppino” is an italian word)    ANSWER : A cocktail made with prosecco, lemon sorbet, vodka and cream (See “(Bitten to) death in Venice“)

10) How many runs did I score on my birthday? (Hint : I was born in 1962)    ANSWER : 2 (See “A nifty fifty“)

11) What type of ducks did we used to have, before the “tragedy in the menagerie”?    ANSWER : Indian Runners (See “Murder most fowl“)

12) How many hamstring strains had I clocked up by April? (Hint : not as fit as I was)    ANSWER : 6 (See “Fit for nothing“)

13) What do I consider to be a) the devil’s food and b) the devil’s footwear?    ANSWER : a) Celery; b) Ski boots (See “Ski boots and celery“)

14) In the same blog, who was I grudgingly pleasant to on a chair lift on Chistmas day?    ANSWER : A snowboarder (See “Ski boots and celery“)

15) What words, spoken by anyone in the medical profession, make me nervous? (Hint: my latest “proper” blog, before all this competition malarky)    ANSWER : “This may sting a bit” (See “Going head-to-head“)

16) What does it say on my tea mug? ANSWER : I’d rather be drinking gin & tonic.  (See “A nice cup of tea“)


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