Business Continuity Tip of the Month

Never the twain

Traditional business continuity planning can tend to focus on the equipment, premises and people required to recover critical business processes. It often overlooks the importance of information and the pivotal role it plays in ensuring survival.

Information plays a vital role in all your business activities. It is one of your most important assets. It differentiates you from your competitors. It is the key to effective decision making.

The aim of business continuity management is to ensure essential business processes can be maintained in spite of adverse events or incidents. The aim of information security management is to ensure your business information is accurate, secure from unauthorised access and available when you need it.

Both disciplines are therefore mutually supportive and point in the same strategic direction. But despite this, and despite the obvious crossover, they are often treated and managed entirely separately.

Surely it makes more sense to adopt a joined-up approach? In other words, an integrated strategy which protects your critical information as well as your people, premises and processes.