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Keep fit

Many of us will have made New Year’s resolutions recently, one of the most common of which is to exercise regularly.
Some of us may want to maintain or improve upon what is already a reasonable level of fitness. Others may want to get fit in the first place, perhaps because we’ve let ourselves go a bit and aren’t exactly in peak condition. Some may want to become fit enough to carry out a particular activity, such as playing a sport.
But it’s not just our own personal physical fitness that will benefit from regular exercising. Our business continuity “fitness” can be significantly improved in a similar way.
Fitter usually means more able to carry out the activity that we’re training and exercising for. In a business continuity context, “fitter” means more capable of carrying out our assigned roles, whether they’re associated with incident or crisis management, infrastructure recovery or business recovery.
Fitter usually means leaner and more agile. In a business continuity context, the “fitter” and more capable our teams are, the leaner our incident management and recovery plans can potentially be.
Then there’s the important matter of fitness for purpose. In a business continuity context that applies to our strategies, solutions and plans. If we never exercise them we’ll never know for sure whether they’re up to the job.
So why not resolve to implement a business continuity exercise programme as well as a personal one? And, just as importantly, to stick to this year’s resolution for more than a couple of weeks!



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