Business Continuity Tip of the Month

In the news

You’ve thought through your crisis communications plan, identified your various audiences, nominated, briefed and trained your media spokespeople and written some proforma holding statements. So, if you’re ever unfortunate enough to need to invoke your plan, you’re all set to get your side of the story across.

But have you thought about how you’ll keep an eye on what the media are actually saying about you?

As part of your crisis communications planning, you need to make provision for monitoring what’s being said on the radio or TV or in the newspapers or on the internet. Therefore, your crisis communications centre should be equipped with facilities and people to enable this, including :

  • TV, with recording capability, such as a video or DVD recorder;
  • Radio, again with recording capability;
  • A schedule of TV and radio news reports to be monitored;
  • Internet access;
  • A list of websites and Twitter feeds to be monitored;
  • Someone to go out and buy the newspapers;
  • Someone (maybe even a small team) assigned to monitor the various news reports.

And, as with many things to do with crisis management, this is best thought about and put in place before the event.