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Oz’s Business Continuity Blog : “In the limelight”

Yesterday I had what could, quite literally, be described as a moment in the spotlight, when I was filmed for an e-book version of my book “Risk Management Simplified”.

A film crew (well, two people at any rate) turned up at our offices with about a ton and a half of equipment, including lights, camera, microphones, autocue and a green screen, and after they’d lugged it all in and set it all up we finally started filming.

I found the process quite fascinating, if a trifle daunting at first, and very different from presenting to and interacting with a group of people, which I’m much more used to.

Because of the way I am (meticulous is the word I like to use, although some people have been known to use a different description), I planned and prepared with almost military precision.

This included a meeting with the production company, a plan and schedule, writing and rehearsing the scripts well in advance (actually, if I’m honest, I finished this bit on Sunday night – the day before the shoot – but in fairness I only said the planning was done with military precision, not the execution). I even went shirt shopping (no checks or stripes allowed) and had my hair cut so I could look my best for my adoring fans.

With all that planning, nothing could possibly go wrong. Except that, whilst playing hockey on Saturday afternoon (two days before filming) I somehow managed to put my nose in the way of an unexpectedly airborne ball, the end result of which was a small but visible cut and a slightly swollen hooter.

Ok, so it wasn’t the end of the world and, thanks to the judicious use of some ice and a dollop of concealing cream, you have to look quite carefully to spot the damage. But, if my nose had been spread any further across my face it could quite easily have put the kybosh on the whole event.

In the end the filming went quite well (at least I think it did, but I guess the viewers will be the judge of that) and, I have to say, the film crew were excellent and extremely patient, giving me lots of advice and guidance and coaching me through what was for me a new and, initially at least, slightly nerve-wracking experience.

So it was, as they say, alright on the night (or, in this case, Monday afternoon). But it reinforced a few things for me…

1) It’s important to plan ahead and prepare well in advance if we want to perform well on the day;

2) For the less experienced among us, the value of some decent coaching from those with more experience can be invaluable;

3) Rehearsal is at least as important as the plan itself;

4) For all the planning and preparation we do, things can still go pear-shaped (or, in the case of my nose, more tomato-shaped), so our plans, and the people executing them, need to be flexible enough to cope with the unexpected.

I’m looking forward (I think) to seeing the finished product. And if you fancy playing “spot the nasal blemish”, watch this space for news of where you can see it too.



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