Business Continuity Tip of the Month   -  November 2017

Four key questions

Some people think business continuity management is complicated.

But when you strip away the arcane terminology, lifecycle diagrams, standards, guidelines and the plethora of abbreviations, acronyms and jargon that business continuity folks like to bandy about, it’s really quite straightforward.

It’s about answering four very simple but very important questions :

1) What is important to the organisation in meeting its commitments and strategic objectives?

2) Why are these things important, in terms of the impacts that would be felt if they were unavailable?

3) When do our critical activities and their supporting infrastructure need to be available, in order to avoid unacceptable impacts?

4) How do we ensure they are available when they’re needed?

The first three questions will be answered by a bit of analysis, in particular the business impact analysis. The fourth is addressed by the development and implementation of the business continuity strategy, solutions and plans, and the testing thereof.

Now, do you still think business continuity management is complicated?



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