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Christmas competition answers

Barney ChristmasWell done to everyone who entered my Christmas competition. It was a close-run thing, but congratulations go to Penny in London, who won the first prize of a year’s subscription to Audible (audio books), and to Christine in Ashby and Denise in Birmingham, who each won a runner-up prize of a copy of my new book “Ski Boots and Celery (A Compilation of Oz’s Business Continuity Blogs)”. Prizes will be winging their way to the winners very shortly.

As promised, here are the answers…

Question 1 (from “Piste again“) :
a) What was the only injury I sustained during my skiing holiday last Christmas?    Answer : Skinned knuckles
b) How many courses did our Christmas meal consist of?    Answer : 11

Question 2 (from “Is it just me? (part 1)“) :
a) What is my drug of choice (at least on hockey days)?    Answer : Ibuprofen
b) What was very nearly my lethal weapon of choice in the supermarket?    Answer : An unripe pineapple

Question 3 (from “The ramblings of a travelling consultant – episode 3“) :
a) What keenly anticipated treat did I manage to miss out on during my visit to Dublin?    Answer : A pint of Guinness
b) What did the “ladies” on their hen party have emblazoned on their t-shirts?    Answer : “On it ’til we vomit” (yes, really)

Question 4 (from “In cyberspace, no-one can hear you scream (or snore)“) :
How many people were (apparently) in my virtual audience?    Answer : 76

Question 5 (from “A bumpy landing“) :
How long did my supposedly straightforward DIY job actually take?    Answer : 7 days (over a period of four and a half weeks)

Question 6 (from “Water, water everywhere (part 2)“) :
a) What reason did my physiotherapist give for torturing me with her elbows?    Answer :  “It would make my thumbs ache if I just used them”
b) Which foodstuff do I consider water to be the liquid equivalent of?    Answer : Avocados

Question 7 (from “Open season“) :
a) In which month does the world-famous Abersoch Open take place?    Answer : May
b) In which year was the first ever Abersoch Open? (this is a sneaky one!)    Answer : Nineteen-eighty-something-or-other (sorry, I told you it was sneaky)

Question 8 (from “A picture of professionalism“) :
How many photo’s of me did Dave, the enthusiastic photographer, take?    Answer : 266

Question 9 (from “The comfort factor“) :
a) Which city did I squelch around in my comfy shoes?    Answer : Paris
b) In which city did I get blisters on my feet when wearing my not-so-comfy shoes?    Answer : Rome

Question 10 (from “Never work with children or animals…or technology“) :
How many people did I present to in the concert hall? (careful here)    Answer : 200-odd people (as opposed to 200 odd people)

Question 11 (from “University challenge“) :
What was reduced by 33% when number one son went to university?    Answer : The overall testosterone level at Chez Oz

Question 12 (from “Delving into the depths“) :
What did I find tucked in the corner of number one son’s bedroom?    Answer : One almost empty pedal bin

Question 13 (from “An Open question“) :
What do I have a vague recollection of, but seem to have mislaid?    Answer : A memory

Question 14 (from “Tales from the Abersoch Open 2013“) :
Whose posterior was recorded for posterity?    Answer : Alan’s (not a pretty sight, I can tell you!)

So that’s it for another year. Thanks for entering to those of you who did. If you didn’t, please feel free let me know why not, so I can do better next year. Either way, I hope you enjoyed last year’s blogs and continue to do so this year. And if you’d like your own copy of “Ski Boots and Celery (A Compilation of Oz’s Business Continuity Blogs)”, so that you can read them all at your leisure, it’ll be available soon so watch this space.

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