Preaching to the Converted

The Client
ICM Continuity Services is a leading UK provider of business continuity services, including IT and workplace recovery. Having secured the prestigious CIR Industry Award, ‘Service Provider of the Year’ in 2008 ICM is recognised and acknowledged for its customer focus and credibility in the marketplace. ICM also undertakes technical recovery planning, business continuity planning and managed rehearsals, providing a full business availability solution across a network of 15 business continuity centres throughout the UK.

The Requirement
As part of their proactive staff development programme, ICM’s management team wanted to provide their technical support people with the opportunity to enhance their existing knowledge and keep abreast of industry trends. Furthermore, it was recognised that providing staff who were already highly skilled in the technical aspects of IT and workarea recovery with a greater awareness of the “bigger picture” regarding all aspects of business continuity management would enable them to better understand their clients’ needs and issues. It was therefore decided that a bespoke business continuity training course, tailored to ICM’s business environment, would meet this objective.

The Solution
Acumen developed a 2-day “business continuity management fundamentals” course, based on a successful existing format, but customised to reflect ICM’s environment and the specific needs of their business. The course was to be presented to 10-12 technical staff at a time at the client’s premises.

During the development of the course content, further discussions with ICM management revealed a need to provide a second version of the course, aimed specifically at sales and marketing personnel. It was felt that an enhanced understanding of the business continuity management lifecycle and a more in-depth appreciation of the stage that their customers were at with their own business continuity programmes would help sales staff to be more accurate with their forecasting and also identify additional sales opportunities. Appropriate content was therefore developed.

The original intention was to run separate technical and sales-related courses. However, during delivery of the initial courses it became apparent that, rather than running the two versions separately, for either technical support or sales and marketing staff, there were distinct benefits to be gained from combining the groups.

ICM were so pleased with the results of the original training programme that they decided to roll out the programme making it available to every one of their employees. The course was therefore further customised and an additional one day overview version developed for administrative staff not requiring the depth of training provided by the two-day course.

Feedback from the delegates showed that the course was extremely well received and that a spin-off benefit was an improved understanding between technical and sales staff.

What the client said
Our initial requirement was to improve our technical staff’s understanding of the processes involved in business continuity planning, and subsequently allow them to relate better to our customers during business continuity rehearsals and Invocations. We asked Acumen to design and deliver a course that would achieve this. It was so successful that we rolled it out to all our employees.

Martin Ballard
Service Delivery Manager
ICM Continuity Services Ltd