Business Continuity Tip of the Month

An exercise in complacency?

For organisations that have survived the trials and tribulations of maintaining the continuity of their critical activities in recent months, there may be a tendency to think that business continuity exercising can be shelved for the foreseeable future. After all, we’ve effectively just been through a major exercise, haven’t we?

Well, yes we have, but that line of thinking is missing the point somewhat.

As mentioned in a previous tip, ‘Return journey’, although we’ve responded to one specific event, our other business continuity risks are still out there. Indeed, some of them, such as information security or cyber-related incidents, loss of key people or supply chain risks, may well have increased, and our ability to respond effectively to these and other threats may be more challenging in the current environment.

We may need to give some thought to how we exercise, particularly if the participants and facilitators are all in different locations, but we shouldn’t neglect our exercising and testing programme, just because we’ve recently exercised aspects of our continuity plans. To do so would add complacency to our list of business continuity risks.