What We Do and What We Don't Do

We Don't...
  • Bring a senior consultant to the sales meeting then assign a trainee to manage your project
  • Claim to know your business better than you do
  • Try to blind you with science
  • Charge extortionate fees for "off the shelf", easy to deliver solutions
  • Stick rigidly to an inflexible methodology, whether it suits the assignment or not
  • Recommend inappropriate solutions
We Do...
  • Use experienced consultants
  • Work as part of the client's team, with the emphasis on working with rather than for them
  • Present issues and solutions in a simple and straightforward way
  • Offer practical solutions based on real-life experience
  • Tailor deliverables to our clients' requirements
  • Charge competitive fees
  • Recognise our clients as individuals with differing needs
  • Work in our clients' best interests
  • Share our knowledge and experience
  • Aim to leave the client self sufficient and not reliant on external support