Our Approach

Acumen's philosophy is one of capability-based planning, whereby we aim to develop and enhance the client's Business or IT Continuity capability rather than merely providing a Business Continuity plan.

To this end, Acumen's style is to work closely with our clients as part of their Business Continuity Management team, with the emphasis on working with rather than for them.

A key part of the support provided by Acumen is a transfer of knowledge and ideas from our experts to the client's personnel. This will increase the client's awareness of Busines Continuity management issues.
We believe that we adopt an innovative approach that is based upon extensive, practical, "real world" experience. Being independent enables us to offer truly impartial advice to our clients.

Importantly, we recognise that all of our clients differ in terms of their business operations, their Business Continuity experience and knowledge, and their specific requirements for support. Rather than adopting a "one size fits all" approach, we offer a flexible service, tailored to the needs of the particular client.