Business Continuity Tip of the Month   -  August 2014

A question of focus

A previous tip “Questioning the answers" suggested a few key questions for an information management team, supporting the crisis or incident management team, to ask. 
This tip suggests some questions for the crisis/incident management team itself to ask at its regular review sessions, to ensure it  keeps its collective eye on the ball, broken down into four important categories : 
  • Current situation – What are the main issues now? What’s changed?
  • Strategic intent – What’s the most important strategic objective that we need to focus on achieving?
  • Actions – What specific actions are we going to take in order to achieve our strategic intent?
  • Responsibilities – Who’s going to carry out which activities?
…And don’t forget those two small but important questions “what if?” and “so what?”, which can be so helpful in identifying  the potential consequences of a decision or event that hasn’t yet happened.



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