Business continuity Tip of the Month
This month's Tip of the Month ‘Self, self, self’ observes that most business continuity plans pay scant regard to how people might be feeling post-incident and simply assume their willingness and ability to drop everything and activate those plans - a dangerous assumption. Click on this text or select the 'Tip of the Month' tab on the menu bar.

'Oz's Business Continuity Blog'
Andy Osborne's latest blog 'It’s about time' - which discusses some of the time pressures and assumptions that that can affect our plans (and the trials and tribulations of a recent hockey tour!) - is at Click on this text or select 'Oz's Business Continuity Blog' from the 'Resources' tab on the menu bar.

'Beyond the Black Stump' podcast
Acumen's Consultancy Director Andy Osborne recently discussed his blogs, books and his philosophy on business continuity management, amongst other things, on the "Beyond the Black Stump" podcast. To listen click on this text to go to and-a-nice-cup-of-tea-with-andy-osborne/

Oz's Blogs available as an e-book
Andy Osborne's latest book 'Ski Boots and Celery - A Compilation of Oz's Business Continuity Blogs' is available as a downloadable e-book. For more information or to purchase a copy, go to the Acumen Shop at or click on this text