Delving into the depths

Following the recent departure of number one son to Manchester (see “University challenge”), on Sunday afternoon I decided to address a small issue that’s been troubling me for a while. For several years, in fact. When I say troubling, I mean causing my blood to simmer gently on a pretty much permanent basis, and to […]

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Never work with children or animals…or technology

The other day I attended a meeting of a local business continuity forum. It was a very well run, very interesting meeting – the latter despite the fact that one of the topics was business interruption insurance, living proof that any subject can be made interesting by an engaging speaker. There was, however, one small glitch […]

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The comfort factor

I’d just about come to terms with the (sometimes literally) painful realisation that I’ve reached middle age, despite my various attempts to fight its insidious approach (see “Mid-life crisis management“, “Going head-to-head” and “Fit for nothing“). A few weeks ago, however, I did something that shocked and depressed me and, quite clearly, signalled the official start of […]

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A bumpy landing

I’ve just finished doing one of those straightforward “I’ll knock that off in a day or two” type jobs. It only took me seven days. Over a period of four and a half weeks. The last stint used up pretty much the whole of my weekend. As a result, I now have the backache from […]

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