Is it just me? (part 2)

Is it just me? Is it really? In a scene somewhat reminiscent of the supermarket painkillers fiasco (see “Is it just me (part 1)“) I recently attempted something equally ridiculous – I called my dentist to book an appointment. Yes, it was naïve of me, I admit, but I know better now. Some time ago I […]

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The best laid plans

I spent last weekend in Wales, at the world-famous annual golfing event, the Abersoch Open. There’s a blow-by-blow account in my previous blog “@TheAbersoch” so I won’t repeat too much of it here. Suffice it to say that it was just about the wettest weekend in living memory, I played like a rank amateur, my team […]

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…and, because it’s that time of year again, of the general nonsense that surrounds the Abersoch Open. I can’t believe it’s a year since, well, last year, but all of a sudden it’s here again. Yes, Friday 23rd May sees the start of the 20th Abersoch Open. My golfing buddies and I are off to […]

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From blog to book

On Wednesday I wrote a book. Now, before I get picked up on a technicality by someone in the know,  I have to admit that it was actually a few Wednesdays ago, but I’ve only just got round to posting this blog so I hope you’ll forgive a little bit of poetic licence. That’s the […]

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Christmas competition answers

Well done to everyone who entered my Christmas competition. It was a close-run thing, but congratulations go to Penny in London, who won the first prize of a year’s subscription to Audible (audio books), and to Christine in Ashby and Denise in Birmingham, who each won a runner-up prize of a copy of my new book “Ski Boots and […]

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