About Oz’s Blog

Oz’s Blog is written by Andy Osborne, the Consultancy Director at Acumen (click on the “About Andy Osborne (Oz)” tab for more info).

You’ll probably notice quite quickly that Andy’s blogs, as with most of the other stuff that he writes, are a bit different from the predominance of somewhat dry or turgid business continuity blogs to be found on the web.

Written in his down-to-earth, sometimes slightly irreverent, at times wryly humorous style, each one takes an element of his recent business or personal life and somehow manages to relate it to business continuity management. Examples include accounts of various domestic “disasters”, his own “mid-life crisis”, beekeeping, golf, the telegraph crossword, chainsaws, hockey and the exploits of his dog, Barney, amongst others.

One independent review (husdal.com) said “‘It is a blog as a blog should be. It is a personal blog and it is a fun blog, but it never forgets its main goal: to spread life’s own lessons in business continuity and risk management. It is more than worth stopping by” whilst another service provider’s website (continuityinbusiness.com) commented that “Andy Osborne’s Continuity Blog has some genuine laughs in it. Sign up for light relief.”

If you’re after a blog brimming with serious academic articles on how to “do” business continuity (in particular, anything to do with process or methodology or which, heaven forbid, uses the words “holistic” or “black swan” in any sort of serious context) then you’ve probably come to the wrong place. If, however, you want a bit of light relief, whilst also learning something about business continuity management, then give yourself a treat and read on!

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