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It’s just not cricket

Sunday is cricket day for the Osborne boys during the summer. Last Sunday’s match was away at Nether Whitacre, a lovely little village cricket club about an hour’s drive from Chez Osborne. We set off with just about enough time to spare with the car loaded up to the gunwales – myself, my two sons, another member of the team, Mrs […]

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Oz’s Business Continuity Tip of the Month : “The name of the game”

When conducting a business impact analysis (BIA) there are two important words to keep in mind : “business” and “impact”. It sounds obvious but strangely this is often forgotten and the BIA gets confused with a risk assessment. The BIA is the part of the business continuity process that determines the level of pain an […]

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Boys’ toys

At the weekend I bought a new toy and I’ve spent the last couple of days playing with it. The ‘toy’ in question is a chainsaw. Unlike other midlife crisis sufferers, I have no desire to buy a motorbike or a sports car or a speedboat, or to go bungee jumping or white-water rafting. In fact one […]

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Risk Management Simplified – the movie

A while ago I wrote a blog called ‘ In the limelight ‘ about my experience of being filmed for the e-book version of ‘Risk Management Simplified’. Having finally got over the cringe factor of watching myself on screen, I thought I’d share the results with my blog readers. So, in a slight diversion from my usual […]

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