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Live from the Abersoch Open 2011

In something of a diversion from my more usual fortnightly(ish) blog, which purports to be business continuity-related, this weekend I thought I’d give you an insight into the pressure cooker of the Abersoch Open golf tournament. For this blog only, there will be no long rambling stories about beekeeping or domestic calamities or Barney the […]

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Oz’s Business Continuity Tip of the Month : “Boxing clever”

It’s fairly common practice for those developing their organisation’s business continuity plans to think about some of the other useful stuff that the various teams might need in the event of the plans being invoked. The stuff in question might include important documents that complement the business continuity plan, such as floor plans, contact information […]

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Oz’s Business Continuity Tip : “Fortune favours the prepared”

Have you ever noticed how some football teams (no names!) seem to be luckier than others? The thing is, more often than not, it’s the teams who are on top of their game that seem to get the breaks – those that are well prepared; those that think about their strategy and tactics in advance; […]

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