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Oz’s Business Continuity Tip of the Month : “Rudolph the red-faced business continuity manager” (a Christmas tale – sort of!)

Once upon a time there was a senior manager called Rudolph who, on top of his myriad other responsibilities, was put in charge of the business continuity programme. Now Rudolph was a busy chap with a lot on his plate. He didn’t have time for detail. And anyway, disasters never happen, do they? Well, only […]

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Oz’s business continuity tip of the month : “A bag of spanners?”

A question that comes up from time to time is what form the incident management and business recovery plans should take – should they be scenario-based or generic? Some organisations favour the former and some the latter but, before you make the decision, there are some important considerations. One method used by advocates of the […]

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Oz’s business continuity tip of the month : “Personnel responsibility”

A previous tip touched on the subject of trauma. But how many of us know what trauma actually means? Many of us will, at some point, have said we’ve had a “traumatic” experience, when all that really happened was that we suffered some inconvenience or perhaps got a bit stressed. But, whilst it wasn’t very […]

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