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Oz’s Business Continuity Tip of the Month : “A little knowledge can be dangerous”

This month we return to the subject of trauma and, more specifically, post traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD. Many of us are familiar with the name and the acronym. Some of us may even be “armchair experts”, having seen the odd TV programme or movie which touches on the subject. But few of us will […]

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Oz’s Business Continuity Tip of the Month : “A matter of perception”

It almost goes without saying that effective crisis management needs a mechanism for spotting that you’re having one in the first place and a capable team who are able to make decisions and take appropriate actions to deal with the situation. And this is the focus of attention for many crisis management plans. But the […]

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Oz’s Business Continuity Blog : “An icy crisis”

In my last blog I wrote about the trials and tribulations of working from home during a recent snowy period. What I didn’t mention was that the hassle of trying to work from home amid the Osborne menagerie was compounded by a small domestic crisis – the dreaded frozen pipes, which meant no running water in the kitchen […]

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Oz’s Business Continuity Tip of the Month : “Re. the BC plan”

With the new year in full swing, many of us will already have forgotten all about our resolutions, focussing instead on the challenges that lie ahead. A new year is often a time of significant change, and this year is likely to be no different. In fact, many of us may be facing the prospect […]

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Oz’s business continuity tip of the month : “A bag of spanners?”

A question that comes up from time to time is what form the incident management and business recovery plans should take – should they be scenario-based or generic? Some organisations favour the former and some the latter but, before you make the decision, there are some important considerations. One method used by advocates of the […]

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Oz’s business continuity tip of the month : “Personnel responsibility”

A previous tip touched on the subject of trauma. But how many of us know what trauma actually means? Many of us will, at some point, have said we’ve had a “traumatic” experience, when all that really happened was that we suffered some inconvenience or perhaps got a bit stressed. But, whilst it wasn’t very […]

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