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Oz’s Business Continuity Tip of the Month : “Rudolph the red-faced business continuity manager” (a Christmas tale – sort of!)

Once upon a time there was a senior manager called Rudolph who, on top of his myriad other responsibilities, was put in charge of the business continuity programme. Now Rudolph was a busy chap with a lot on his plate. He didn’t have time for detail. And anyway, disasters never happen, do they? Well, only […]

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Practice makes perfect

In recent months I’ve rediscovered the Telegraph crossword – that’s the daily cryptic crossword, not the fiendishly difficult “Toughie” which is just impossible for a mere mortal like me. I used to do the Telegraph crossword years ago, after my mother-in-law got me into it (one of the two things for which she is to […]

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Let ’em have it?

You’ve probably noticed that the general level of business continuity awareness has grown in recent times – which is good news. But it probably means that your customers, prospects, business partners, investors or other stakeholders are increasingly taking an interest in your business continuity arrangements. In fact, if you haven’t been asked about them yet, […]

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