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Less is more...

When documenting the business continuity plan, there can sometimes be a desire, particularly for the inexperienced business continuity manager, to produce a huge weighty tome in the mistaken belief that it'll look impressive, thereby justifying the effort that's gone into it.

The trouble is, not many people are going to read through a plan that's two feet thick, and those that do are unlikely to remember much of it. So the first time that many people see it in all its glory will be when they're trying to use it in anger. And it won't work!

The business continuity plan shouldn't be an exercise in verbosity. A good plan isn't measured by its bulk or its weight. A good plan is one that's actually usable when it's needed. Something that's concise and simple to follow; that contains the important information but no superfluous padding; that the teams who will use it are familiar with and comfortable with.

This may, in fact, take a bit more effort than the big fat plan, not least in the education that needs to go with it. But it should result in an effective plan, rather than a huge white elephant.